Father’s Day – Tell Us Why Your Dad is the Best – Best Dad Contest

Father's DayDear old Dad does his best to take care of the family. Now is your chance to reward Dad with FUDGE. Better yet, FREE FUDGE.

Use the form below to tell us why your Dad is the best Dad ever and he might just win a half pound of our delicious homemade fudge in the flavor(s) of his choice.

Entries are limited to 500 words and an independent judging panel will select the winners. Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on Thursday, June 12th. and the winning essays will be published here and on our Facebook page.

Triple Trouble Fudge

Triple Trouble Fudge

Winners Announced: 

Thanks for all who entered their Dad. We’ve got some really awesome Dads in Mineola. Winners need to come by our shop in downtown Mineola to pick up their fudge. 

We’ve selected four winners and they are listed below:

Brandy Hudson
“My dad is the best dad because he’s actually my step dad , but I call himdad he stepped in an took the reins of being my dad an help raise me.. He’s worked 7 days a week with only 2 days off a year to support me an my younger sister through school.. He has always been there when we needed him .. He’s helped through my divorce an 2 kids.. My dad is thebest dad in the world an deserves to be noticed as such . That’s why I think my dad is the best dad.”

Wendi Hollins
My Dad is the best because he has loved me as his own! He and my mom adopted me when I was 18 hours old! He has survived the death of his parents, a brother and two children. He stepped up and was a Dad to my two kids, when their “dad” decided not to be. This man has survived so much and overcame so much in his life. When he was 19 he was shot 3 times. He had a punctured lung, broken arm and lost a kidney. He has high blood pressure, heart problems and is a 3x cancer survivor, having beat bladder cancer 2x and prostate cancer one. Through all of this he has remained humble and loving. To top it off, when I found my biologicalDad last year, he was the first one to encourage our relationship. He even thanked him for allowing him to be my Dad! God has blessed my Dad with 78 years of life, a wonderful wife for 43 years, 6 kids and 13 grandkids!! He has also had the honor to see the 11 month old child he saved Thanksgiving morning of 1992, grow up and because become a fatherhimself. It would take me days to thoroughly explain why he is the best. With that being said, through all he’s been through and all he’s done, myDad is the best because God chose him to be mine!!

Jodie Hall
My Dad passed away several years ago.. He was wonderful to me and I was his baby girl. I always said if I could find someone that takes as goodcare of me as my Dad did I would marry him.. I married my husband 32 years ago, he had 2 children and I had 4.. He is a great Dad, loving, caring, sweet, devoted, kind and an excellent husband and father to all 6 kids.. I think he is a strong man and deserves all that is good in life.. Just like the fudge at Between Friends.

Susan Jennigs
The Dad I am talking about today is not mine. His name is Chris Jennings and he is the Dad to my two boys. He has always been there for his sons and other kids in his life. In January he was asked to walk a young lady down the meet her groom for her weeding in September. Uncles do that a lot, but he is not her uncle. We met her when she was about nine months old. Her father worked with my husband. For whatever reasons, her dad walked away from his children six or seven years ago. She calls Chris herDad.
Chris is also the local Scout Master. Within the past year one of his Scouts lost his Dad in an awful accident. Chris cried with this young man when he called to tell him about losing his Dad. They have plans of fixing up the young man’s Dad’s first truck to be the Scout’s first truck. If you ask Chris how many kids he has, he may pause for a second to think. Biologically he has two. In his heart he has many!!
With our two sons he has been there for them every day! He was always very hands-on. Our youngest had to go to Childeren’s Hospital every other week for six months, Chris was with him for every trip. He is the love of my life and I fall more in love with him everyday as I watch him teaching boys to sharpen a knife, start a camp fire, and tie knots.