Privacy Policy  
  Our site collects aggregate, non-personally-identifiable data from those surfing the site. This data shows us traffic patterns etc. and allows us to use traffic reports.  
  When using our site to make a purchase, the transaction is processed by Paypal. Please see Paypal's Privacy Policy for details on how your information is used.  
  We access personal information transmitted over this site for order fulfillment purposes, answering questions submitted to use via our contact form and for any other contact initiated with us by a customer or person visiting our web site  
  We DO NOT sell, lease, give out or in any other way disseminate your personal information to any other person or entity. A court order is the only way that we will share any data provided to us by customers or visitors of this web site.  
  If you have any questions about how we handle customer data, please use our contact us page to ask us.  
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